March 7, 2008

Colbert Report, part deux

The Colbert Report interview was hilarious. The producer & her assistant were both really nice and really funny. It was a good time. The producer even offered to give me a tour of the studio when I'm up there later this month. Yeah!

So after the interview they asked me & Nathan (our intern) if they could shoot some B-roll of us. I even had a line. I had to say, "You have a meeting in 15 minutes", haha. And, of course, I looked like crap yesterday. I didn't dress up because I knew I'd just be in our office all day & I didn't wash my hair. Of all days..... Oh well, I seriously doubt they'll use the footage, but we did have to sign release forms...

They're going to get back to us & let us know when the interview will air. I'll keep everyone posted. I don't think it will be anytime too soon.

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