March 27, 2008

Queen For A Day

I have such amazing friends & family. Everyone is so happy & excited for me. My BFFs have gone above & beyond. I feel like a queen. On Monday, Carolyn took me to lunch (b/c it's never too early to start planning). Then Mary Katherine brought me 2 wedding cake cupcakes from GiGi's Cupcakes. They were the prettiest, tastiest cupcakes I've ever eaten. I'm seriously considering using them in my wedding.

On Tuesday, I got flowers from my future sister-in-law, Sally, & my friend Katy, who lives in Denver. They were both beautiful arrangements. My office has smelled wonderful all week. All my friends have sent me such sweet emails & left hilarious comments on both my blog & my MySpace page.

Everyone at work has come in to my office to congratulate me, even the guys. My friends Lauren & Chrissi are taking me to lunch tomorrow to show me their wedding notebooks/organizers & to give me some tips. They're both recently-ish married. I can't wait! Let the planning begin!

1 comment:

chester copperpot said...

i like your cupcakes, but are those salt & pepper shakers? whatever they are, they're really cute. congrats on the engagement!


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