April 23, 2008

Bridal Registry Hell

John & I set out on Sunday thinking we could get all of our registering done. Wrong! Little did I know that registering in 3 stores for everything you're going to possibly need for the rest of your life, can't be done in 1 day.

We went to Macy's 1st. We couldn't decide on anything & the things we knew we wanted, I wanted to register for at Bed Bath & Beyond. So we embarrassingly turned our scan gun in without having actually scanned anything. After being scolded by the bridal registry associate, we tucked our tails between our legs & left the store.

While we were in the mall, we checked out Pottery Barn & Williams Sonoma. There was nothing for us in Pottery Barn, but we saw a lot of stuff in Williams Sonoma. I think we'll probably set up a registry there later.

So we arrive at Bed Bath & Beyond, ready to scan. 3 hours later we emerge, exhausted. I don't even know what we registered for. It's all a blur. The things we knew we needed, we didn't know what brand to go with. Then there were all the things we felt like we needed, but weren't 100% sure what they did.....

John's done. He's given me clearance to go back to all the stores & register for whatever I want. I just need to take reinforcements this time. I need someone with me who knows what all those kitchen appliances do & what brands to go with.

I think later in May, before I start summer school, we're going to drive down to Atlanta & set up a registry @ Crate & Barrel. We're having trouble finding everyday plates & bedding that we like. Honestly, I just want an excuse to eat at Taqueria Del Sol again. I love you, fried chicken taco!!!



Panda Parables said...

i am kinda obsessed with kitchen gadgets and appliances, so i'd love to go with you for that. we did the crate & barrel atlanta thing too, which i was really happy about (plus you can update your registry online, which made it convenient whenever they add new products and stuff.)

theblondemule said...

You're going to be so sorry you offered, ha ha ha!

carolyn said...

you know i'm there for any kind of event that involves shopping and guns!! haha

also, i'm going to atlanta this weekend pretty much just to go to taquiera del sol...jealous much?? hahha


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