April 7, 2008

Mule Day!

We went to Mule Day with Carolyn & David on Saturday. We got there early & watched the parade, which we missed last year. The parade was fun, but we were all inadequately dressed for the cool weather. We pretty much froze to death. After the parade, we went to the fairgrounds to see the mules & eat fair food. I ate sausage & peppers, John ate a Philly cheese steak & Carolyn ate a hot dog. Round 2: I had a chocolate fried pie, John had a kettle korn on the cob & Carolyn had deep fried Oreos. Sooooo good!

Yesterday John & I met my mom & sister out at a farm that we're hoping to use for our wedding and/or reception. John & I both really liked it. I think they're going to let us use it, they just had to check their fall calendar & get back to us with dates & prices. **Fingers crossed**

1 comment:

Panda Parables said...

i have never been to mule day! does that mean i'm not a true tennessean? i've also never been to graceland.

good luck with the farm!


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