April 17, 2008

School's Out For..... SPRING

Last night was my last class for this semester. I'm free until June 4th. Then I'll be in summer school until Aug 10th. I'm taking Statistics in Session 1 & Information Technology in Session II. Both of these classes are rumored to be the hardest classes in the program. I'm taking them in the summer because I have the most free time in the summer. Hopefully I'm not going to regret this decision....

The wedding planning is trucking along. Tomorrow my mom & I are meeting with potential wedding photographer # 1. I really like her work & assume we'll go with her. Saturday we're going dress shopping for the 1st time. I started my period today & am pretty sure I've somehow managed to gain 150 lbs this week, so not too sure how Saturday is going to go.... Next weekend we're getting together with Carolyn to start working on the invites, save-the-dates, etc. It's all starting to come together!

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