May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend -4 Days of Gluttony

Things I've accomplished in the past 4 days:

Not going to work.

Catching up on my sleep.

Starting & finishing Such A Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster (sooooo funny).

Completing my registries at both Macy's & Bed Bath & Beyond (thanks, mom!).

Completing my transition into official Latino-dom by consuming more Mexican & Colombian food (i.e. taquitos) than I would have had I actually traveled to either Mexico or Colombia.

Drinking my weight in keg beer & pitchers of margaritas.

A Wrap-Up:

Thursday: left work after lunch & slept thru dinner.

Friday: didn't go to work, instead met mom @ Macy's & finished registering.

Fri night: Indiana Jones with John, Ken & a tub of hot, buttered goodness.

Saturday: Old Time Pottery with mom to get centerpieces for reception.

Sat night: Natalie's bday party, aka the night Kim drank too much keg beer, ate too many taquitos & tried (unsuccessfully) to get Natalie's parents to deputize her as an extended member of the Gualy family....

Sunday: annual Memorial Day cookout at Denis' parents' house in Hendersonville. John made Freddy Kruger hands out of hollow crab legs & annoyed Jon to the point of physical assault.

Monday: Met Jon & Ali @ Rosario's & did my newfound Latino heritage proud by consuming yet more queso as well as drinking 2 pitchers of margaritas.

In Conclusion:

In 4 days I've managed to gain 6 lbs, potentially damage my liver & not work out once. And what did I do today to get back on track? Ate lunch @ Five Guys. I'm almost expecting a representative from Weight Watchers to be waiting for me when I get home....


chester copperpot said...

i love old time pottery. it's a cheap girl's paradise.

ChrissiTinaBallerina said...

You were welcome on Memorial Day before I told you you were welcome. :) That post goes out to people I don't like. I am very selective with whom I dedicate my service to.

And I gained weight, too. I definitely got the shallow end of the thin gene pool. Bastards.


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