May 22, 2008

Session, Part Deux

After my last post, I realized that not everyone knows what my job is or what "Session" is. I work in the Tennessee Legislature for a Democratic State Senator. Tennessee's General Assembly is a part-time Legislature, meaning we are only in Session half of the year, typically January through May/June. Session is when our State Senators & House Reps conduct "the business of the state", translation: it's when new laws are proposed & enacted. It's also when the state budget is passed. More info on Wikipedia:

Here are some news stories from yesterday. If you look carefully you can see me in the background of most of these clips. I doubt anyone but my mom will be able to pick me out of the crowd though:


Emotional Mullet said...

This is for you.

chester copperpot said...

thanks. i really needed that info. it's totally what my deleted comment was asking.

theblondemule said...

EM: That picture is hilarious. I love that website. Thanks!

CC: Don't feel bad. The majority of my friends don't know what Session is either & I've worked there for 2 years, haha.


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