May 1, 2008


I'm kind of obsessed with Santogold. I heard her song, "L.E.S. Artistes", on KEXP awhile ago & have been trying to figure out who she is & how to get her album. Well, her album came out earlier this week. I bought it online, but haven't received it yet. I can't wait. I think it's going to be my CD of the summer.

I read in a magazine recently that Santogold was the songwriter for Res. I think I'm maybe 1 of 100 people who bought that album. Res was popular for a hot minute when I lived in NYC. I still secretly listen to it & now, knowing that Santogold was the songwriter for the album, understand my attraction to her.

TiVo recorded Conan the other night & Santogold was the musical guest. I'm really obsessed now after seeing her on Conan. I love her.

I went to YouTube & found this. Enjoy:


Jon Burr said...


carolyn said...

a) I like it!!!

b) she reminds me of isvett but with a REALLY dark tan.

c) the song reminds me of Tegan and Sara - Walking with a ghost.

All of these things are good!!

jessica said...

i love her! i just got her whole album...i've only had a few songs for the past year. she makes me wanna kick some ass.

jessica said...

ps-that video is way cool. thanks for sharing!
and she does look a little like Issy!


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