May 9, 2008

Such A Pretty Fat

In preparation for a trip to Florida last year, John & I went to the bookstore to find some light beach reading. John handed me this book titled Bright Lights, Big Ass. He said it looked like something I would find funny. Well, right he was. I devoured that book & immediately upon returning home, bought the author's 1st book, Bitter Is the New Black. Said author is Jen Lancaster & I love her.

This week, Jen released her 3rd book, Such A Pretty Fat. I can't wait to read it. Here's a link to a review from the Chicago Sun Times:,SHO-Books-lancaster04.article

Now I know these books aren't going to win me any points in book club, but they're funny as shit & I like them. I read my fair share of "serious" books & every now & then I reward myself with some light reading from female authors like Jen Lancaster or Jennifer Weiner. So shoot me.

If anyone is interested in reading Jen's 1st 2 books, let me know. I have them for the taking.



chester copperpot said...

don't apologize for your light reading. it's the one arena where i can tell the snobs to shove it. i love jennifer weiner. :) they're great on tape (or cd) for long drives. you can get them from the library for $0.

bkrepresent said...

you should be reading it by next wednesday.


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