June 5, 2008

I **broken heart** Statistics

On Tues, our Statistics teacher gave us our 1st assignment -to read chapters 4 & 5 & then to complete the exercises at the end of chapter 4. First of all, I still don't have my textbook that was guaranteed to arrive by Mon.... So I'm operating on xeroxed copies, not ideal. I read chapter 4 at work yesterday & started on the exercises at the end of the chapter after lunch. I worked off & on pretty much the rest of the day. Then got home & continued working. John came in around 7:30 & we ran to Pizza Perfect. Back home, worked until 10:00. Still not done. Seriously. And this is just the 1st chapter/assignment, which surely means its supposed to be the easiest. I'm scared. This class ends on July 3rd, but in these 4 short weeks, I'll have the pleasure of 3 exams, countless hours of homework every night & being called on in class to work problems on the board. Yes, you can feel sorry for me now.

No news on the house. The sellers have made two counter offers to our initial offer, but we're holding steady. We have another meeting with the realtor tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. All of my home-owning friends have told me to be patient, that this process takes awhile. Unfortunately for me, I have no patience. Unfortunately for the sellers, I have mad negotiating skills & have been known to be stubborn (see blog name).

Allright, I've got to get cracking on the rest of this Stats homework. Ugh....

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Panda Parables said...

i took the class i was dreading most (accounting) in a 4-week summer school session. i decided i'd rather have 4 weeks of hell than a whole sememster's worth. accounting was the only "c" i made in college!
best of luck to you!


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