June 4, 2008

Still Negotiating

We're not homeowners quite yet. We met with the realtor yesterday & made an offer, but we're still going back & forth with the seller. There's some confusion over the math related to the closing costs. So much confusion, in fact, the realtor has set up a meeting between us & the closing attorney on Friday so he can "explain" some stuff to us. We'll see what happens, but it still looks good.

As I mentioned yesterday, my Statistics class started last night. It really is going to kill me. The teacher was nice & seemed like an actual teacher, unlike the hack I had for my last class. But the class is going to be HARD. We already have homework. We have to read 2 chapters & work the problems at the end of the chapter -and turn it in on Thurs. Do you know how long it's been since I've had to "turn something in"? A looooong time.

My friend Jessica attempted the problems last night & said she spent 2 hrs working on them & only got 5 done. There are 11 total, 2 of which require graphing. I don't even know what graphing is. Oh, & I still don't have my textbook, so I had to copy the 2 chapters out of Jessica's textbook today. Looks like I'll be spending all night doing homework. Math homework. Great...

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