October 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night:
My friend Jessica introduced me to Tequila's, this hidden Mexican restaurant in front of Big Lots. I had no idea it was there. It was surprisingly good. We talked about our upcoming nuptials (she's getting married the week before me) & our horrible class at TSU. Margaritas & cheese dip were consumed to dull the anxiety.

Catholic Camp. To get married in the Catholic Church, you have to attend a "Couple's Retreat". Ours was this Sat. from 8am-5pm. Honestly, it wasn't that bad & parts of it were definitely beneficial. The main downside was that I waited until the last minute to do it. In hindsight, we should have done it over the summer when we had less going on. The other downside is having to sit through a presentation on Natural Family Planning. It was about as comfortable as a root canal.

Saturday night:
Sat. night we went to a surprise party for our friend Ken, who turns 30 today. We were worn out from Catholic Camp, but we had a good time & we ate like kings (thank you, Allison).

Sun. we did a lot of stuff around the house & then headed to Cool Springs in search of a wedding band for John. Well, the good news is we bought one. The bad news is.... I went to Jared. What can I say, it is the galleria of jewelry.

Sunday night:
Yesterday was our friend Caryn's birthday, so we went to Las Maracas to help her celebrate. Unfortunately, our wires got crossed & we got there an hour late as everyone was leaving. We stayed & ate with our other late friends, Aaron & Ashley & then went home & went to bed. Well, actually John went to the Silver Jews show @ Exit/In & I went to bed.

Post Script: there are various side stories to some of these weekend excursions. I'll elaborate later when I have more time. I'll give you a little preview, one involves the word "amputation"...

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carolyn said...

somehow i managed to not run into you all weekend!?


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