March 31, 2009

Linda Takes Her Show On The Road

This weekend I decided to introduce Linda to the world. On Saturday afternoon, I took her to the studio, where John was working with Aaron Robinson, et. al. She was a hit. Aaron wanted to record her somehow so he could credit "Linda McCartney" in the liner notes, ha ha. Because I typically don't watch the local news on the weekend, I had no idea the storm of the century was going to hit that afternoon. Luckily we were at the studio when the worst of it hit. Being half underground in a concrete, sound-proofed studio is definitely the place to be in a storm.

On Sunday, en route to Smyrna, I stopped by the Walden Artisan Market again to check on my peeps & introduce them to Linda. She met everybody -Delaney, Agnes, Jenny/Patrick/Winny, Jessica, Carolyn, Caryn, Emotional Mullet, Muggins Mouse & pretty much everyone else there that day. She's kind of a celebrity.

On to Smyrna. I had no idea how she would react to children. I was afraid she'd bite Abigail and/or eat Jessica. Abigail was pretty good, but she was a typical 3 year old -pulled her ears, poked her in the eye, etc., but Linda took it like a champ. She's either been around kids before or she's just extremely laid back. Regardless, no one was bitten and/or eaten on Sunday.

Full photostream here:


Carolyn said...

Looks like Abigail is sporting a new do too! Cute!

chester copperpot said...

i'm so j i didn't get to meet linda mccartney. damn it.


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