April 6, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Long time, no blog. Sorry, April & May tend to be my busiest months at work, so I'm falling a little behind. Without further ado, the weekend wrap-up:

Friday night

John had to work, so I watched the series finale of ER, cried, ate dinner, then watched The Constant Gardener on DVD. I liked it, but I like both Ralph Fiennes & Rachel Weisz, so I may be a little bias.


Yard work. John cut the grass while I pulled weeds & trimmed the hedges. Discovered reptile, possibly a komodo dragon, living in the hedges & promptly put up my shears & went back inside to troll Facebook.

Saturday night

Met Carolyn & David at Cinco & got inexplicably drunk. Wondering if someone "roophied" our pitcher..... Vaguely remember talking about baby arms, hammer toes & coal mining....


Day of errands -Big Lots, Target, Lowe's & Trader Joe's. Came home & cleaned the house while John built an extension of our rock wall to keep Linda from escaping the back yard. John made thai stir-fry, then we watched Tropic Thunder on DVD. OMG, why did we never see this movie? So funny!

Full photostream of Linda & yard here:

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