September 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Feed Me Seymour Edition

Franklin Farmers Market 

Pumpkin donut!

Believe it.

Sweet & Spicy Veggie Pot -- FAIL

Substitute Sunday dinner


John & I stayed in & made a Mark Bittman recipe, stir-fried spicy beef with basil, that was really good.


I met Jolie at lululemon for yoga.  Post namaste, we grabbed lattes at Whole Foods, then headed to Franklin for the Franklin Farmer's Market.  Jolie needed to pick up her CSA & I just needed something to do.  Ya'll.  The Franklin Farmer's Market is where it's at.  It's open year-round every Saturday from 8am - 1pm in the parking lot behind The Factory.  It's the best farmer's market I've ever been to, which, of course it is, it's in Williamson County.  There are over 70 Middle TN family farms that are part of the market.  There's seasonal produce & fruit (mostly organic), plus meat, dairy, goat cheese, pasta, artisan breads, etc.  Oh, & right now they have mums & pumpkins.  There are also food vendors & live music.  It may seem like a long drive, but it's a pretty drive, especially this time of year.  Get thyself there next Saturday & get a HOMEMADE PUMPKIN DONUT!  You're welcome.

I had Book Swap that afternoon.  I didn't take any books to read this time.  I'm plowing my way through the 2nd Outlander book right now & Claudia just gave me the complete Sookie Stackhouse series.  So yeah, I'm good.  For dinner, John & I grabbed Indian then came home & watched Little Shop of Horrors via Netflix Instant Streaming.  This was one of my favorite movies growing up, as evidenced by me remembering the words to every single song & 90% of the dialogue (you're welcome, John).  If you haven't seen this movie in, oh 10+ years, I highly recommend re-watching it.


I met Jessica for a run through Shelby Bottoms, followed, of course, by breakfast bagels at Mitchell Deli.  Back at home, I spent the better part of the day peeling & cutting my farmer's market bounty for a  crockpot veggie dish that ended up being HORRIBLE.  Seriously, so bad.  We actually quit eating it & made bacon & eggs instead.  That's the first time we've ever stopped eating something mid-meal, got up & made another meal.  Vegans, we are not.


Panda Parables said...

did i recommend that recipe to you? if so...sorry! i think i made something similar last year and enjoyed it, not in a "oh my god this is so delicious!" way, but in a "yeah, this was pretty good" kind of way.

Libby said...

oh man - recipe fails are the worst!! So much time & money down the drain. What was the main issue w/ it?

The Blonde Mule said...

Katie: yeah, it's the recipe from Carrie that you forwarded us last year. I'm exaggerating. It wasn't that bad.... But it wasn't for us. First of all, John hates pumpkin, which I forgot. Secondly, no meat. You know how well that goes over in our house. It could probably be tweaked into a better recipe, but there's no way I'm putting that much time into it again.

The Blonde Mule said...

Libby: Hilariously, Jolie & I both made this yesterday. She didn't like it either. It honestly tasted like eating a candle. It was way too much pumpkin. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good.


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