February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Runner Edition

Saturday morning snow.

This is my cold face.


Old Made Good.

Who has 2 thumbs & just ran 10 miles?  This girl.

More pics & info on Flickr! & Instagram.


I watched Midnight In Paris.  I liked it.  I had heard mixed reviews & I honestly don't love Owen Wilson, so I wasn't expecting to like it, but I totally did.  It's hard not to like a movie about Paris.  Also, I was really into Rachel McAdams' hair & wardrobe throughout the movie.


It was super cold & snowy when I woke up on Saturday, so I decided to bake.  I ended up making the browned butter cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting again.  I quickly realized that it was in no one's best interest to leave me alone in the house all day with 24 cupcakes, so I took my show on the road.  My first stop was Jessica's house because she's pregnant & I knew I could unload a lot of cupcakes.  We ran to Old Made Good, which I've been wanting to check out FOREVER.  I loved that place!  Both owners were in there & they were so nice.  Jessica got an awesome necklace & I got these cute arrow earrings.  J'adore!

Back on the road, cupcakes still in tow, I headed over to Dave & Alexis' house, where I unloaded another good portion of cupcakes.  I tried to find more people to deliver cupcakes to, but a lot of people weren't home.  Accepting defeat, I headed back home, where I promptly ate another cupcake.

That night, we went to dinner with our friends Mike & Amanda.  Mike's birthday is today (happy birthday, Mike!), so it was an early birthday celebration.  It was also a great opportunity to unload those last few cupcakes.  Success!


On Sunday, I awoke to a balmy 21 degrees, wind chill of 12 degrees.  PERFECT for a long, outdoor run.  I put on as many layers as I could comfortably fit into & then headed out to meet my running posse.  We met at Bongo Java on Belmont, ran to Bong Java at Five Points, then turned around & ran back.  It's a 10 mile loop, although according to RunKeeper, it was actually 10.34.  Whatevs, it could have been 100 miles as far as I was concerned because by the time we finished I could feel neither my face nor my legs, except for my feet.  Oh, I felt those.

The jury is still out on which was harder, running in 12 degrees, or running 10 miles.  I will say this, my legs have gone back to normal, but my nose, a full 24 hours later, is still red.  Apparently I have wind burn, but I look sunburned.  It's confusing.  Whatever.  Point?  I'm a badass.


Claudia Huskey said...

Cold Face = Good Bangs

Claudia = Friend even more mad that I missed you this weekend, now knowing that I could have had brown butter CUPCAKES!!!

Panda Parables said...

on behalf of myself and the other rutherford county contingent in your life (your family), i hereby petition that the next cupcake run comes to smyrna.

Mom said...

I totally agree with Panda Parables! Really, you're trying to unload cupcakes and I believe one of my boards on Pinterest is "LOVE OF CUPCAKES!" That's okay, I'm still trying to forget the 15 hrs of labor it took to bring you and your cupcake cooking savvy into this world...just saying... ;-)

ND said...

More than happy to take some cupcakes off your hands next time you have a surplus. ;)

The Blonde Mule said...

Okay, okay. Next time I'll try harder to unload my cupcakes, even if it means driving to Rutherford County.


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