November 4, 2012

Friday Links

Kate Spade has a new, lower-priced line called Saturday coming out in March.  Prices will range from $30 for jewelry to $100 for clothes.  (Making It Lovely)

I received my new Smitten Kitchen cookbook this week!  I love it so much!  Congrats, Deb!  Get your own copy here.  (Smitten Kitchen)

There are few things that I find as relaxing as painting my own nails.  But...  I'm actually not very good at it, which is why this tip from Birchbox has changed my life.  (Birchbox)

I put this on Facebook, but in case you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend it:  Your Guide to the Indistinguishable Men of Nashville.  (Vulture via Girls of a Certain Age)

Tom Hanks Performs Slam Poetry About "Full House".  Just watch it.  (Jimmy Fallon)


Stephanie said...

You always post such interesting Sunday links! Love 'em.

The Blonde Mule said...

Stephanie - thank you! I collect stuff all week, but keep forgetting to do weekly posts. I'm behind!


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