January 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Belated Edition

On Saturday morning, we gathered for another cold long run.  We ran 9 miles in/around Maryland Farms & then treated ourselves to lattes & crepes at The Perch.

John's birthday was last Thursday.  On Thursday, we went to dinner at Kayne Prime.  On Saturday, we celebrated with friends at The Stone Fox.  John's friend Mike drew this terrifyingly accurate picture of John on the brown bag containing his birthday bourbon.

Ashlee cut all of her hair off the day before John's party.  Naturally, a pompadour contest ensued.  The jury is still out on who's pompadour is higher.

At some point, a DJ started playing bad music & we took our party to Church Street, specifically to Blue Genes - a gay karaoke bar, which, according to Rev. Scott K. on Yelp, is "the gay Cheers of Nashville".  Thank you for that, Reverend.

'Gay Cheers' was everything I hoped it would be & more.  Well, aside from the smoking.  I'm convinced sitting in a room full of smokers for hours is what brought on the head cold I've been suffering through all week.  Acute lung pain aside, we had a blast.  John sang Elton John, obviously.  OBVIOUSLY.

I woke up with lung cancer on Sunday & didn't do a lot.  Neither did Linda.  John & Linda bounced back.  I, however, did not & have been dying a slow death all week.  Thus the belated post.  I've got to run 10 miles this weekend, so I'm hoping to shake this cold ASAP.

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