April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Baldwin Family Bike Ride Edition


On Friday night, I went to a birthday dinner for my friend Dawn.  Dawn & I met in Seventh Grade & were best friends & roommates until I moved to NYC & she moved to Japan in 2000.  We eventually fell out of touch with each other, but became reunited last year & now live down the street from each other.  Of course we do.

On Saturday, I did my first two-a-day with Heidi.  We ran 3 miles, then swam for 30 minutes, which was apparently enough to reawaken the sugar devil.  I made these chocolate chunk cookies from my favorite food blog, Crepes of Wrath, & they were delicious!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know about this new $10 Pulaski chair.  While the cookies were baking, I re-worked the furniture in our living room.  I took the orange chair out & put the $10 chair in.  I'm worried the chevron chair & red ottoman don't go with the bar cart & $10 chair, but I don't have anywhere else to put them.  And I like them.

The living room has become a catch-all for all of my favorite finds, but is that a bad thing?  Also, this picture reminds me that I need to replace the Ikea rug & coffee table we bought 4 years ago as temporary pieces & never replaced.  Oy.

While I was Donna Reed-ing it up at home, John went to Grimey's to celebrate Record Store Day.  This has been a very good year for John Baldwin Mastering.  While the big project he's been working on all year isn't out yet, everything else is & was for sale on Saturday.  He had a blast.

Yesterday was the first time in the 9 year history of Kim & John that we exercised together.  Now that I have my own bike, John has his back, so we can ride together.  We met our friends Katie & Rollum at Wave Country to ride to the Percy Priest dam & back.  I padded up like I was going to ride the Tour de France, but John just went in his every day clothes, including the BLAZER he brought in case he needed it.  Ya'll.

I didn't think to bring two bottles of water, so halfway through the ride, we stopped at Target for John to get something to drink.  Naturally, he got a Coke.  And yes, he put it in his water bottle cage & rode with it.  But seriously, he did great.  For someone who hasn't worked out, possible ever, he rode over 16 miles yesterday, IN JEANS.  Respect.

Oh, & P.S. - my new bike is awesome!  OMG, it's such a huge difference riding a road bike after riding John's 100 lb mountain bike all last year.  And I can shift it!  I love my bike!


Kate S said...

How do you shift?! Tutorial to come? Help! I always get mixed up and have to shout to Andy "left or right?" and it pisses him off. Whoops.

Also, mad props to John for riding in jeans. MAD PROPS.

The Blonde Mule said...

Kate - yes, I learned how to shift. It's easy! I almost exclusively shift with my right hand. The only time I shift with my left is going up big hills. If you'll quit blowing off our rides, I'll show you! Heh!


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