October 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: I'm Still Shopping Edition

This weekend was low-key.  On Friday night, I stayed in & finished my library book, Inferno by Dan Brown.  I don't even remember requesting this book, but apparently I did.  At first, I thought, I'm not going to read this, why did I even request this, but then I started reading it & got sucked in.  It's not amazing, but if you're into Dan Brown, you won't be disappointed.

On Saturday, I had good intentions of getting up & going to yoga, but then someone emailed me a 50% off Old Navy coupon, so I went shopping instead.  Namaste.  I recently cleaned out my closets & officially own basically nothing anymore.  None of my clothes fit.  Over the past few years, I've tried to cut back on how much I buy at Target & Old Navy because the quality is SO BAD, but I need stuff that fits now & that I won't mind getting rid of later if I get smaller.  So I applied my 50% off coupon towards a pair of skinny army pants & a graphic tee to wear with my Madewell pleated skirt & leather jacket, a la this.

Back at home, where I can't buy anything, I unpacked the Halloween box John got out of the attic for me & commenced Halloween-ing up the place.  I still need to Halloween up the front porch, but this weekend's weather wasn't conducive to gardening, so the mums & pumpkins will come later.

In every marriage, there are instances where you don't see eye to eye.  Our top two are vegetarian meals & holiday decor.  John doesn't understand why either exist.  Having spent the day covering every surface in our house with pumpkins & skulls, I was operating at a surplus in the marital ledger of power.  John decided to balance things out by taking us to see a movie about space.  In 3D, which I can't see.  I don't do Opry Mills on a Saturday night, so we went to our favorite secret Bellevue theater & saw Gravity in "real D", whatever that means.  The movie was fun-ish; balance was restored; the Baldwins live to fight another holiday.

P.S. If you've seen Gravity, you have to read Neil deGrasee Tyson's #Gravity tweets.

My morning run got rained out yesterday, so I caught up on the important business of magazine reading & DVR watching.  Then I made two soups - one for us & one for my friend Katie who just had a baby.  After delivering the soup & running some errands, we settled in at home with bowls of chili & Derek on Netflix.  We started watching it last weekend & finished it last night.  I cried at the end of the series, which kind of surprised me.  That damn Coldplay song got me.  Anyway, it's a really good show & with only seven 24-minute episodes, it's not a huge time commitment.  I recommend it.


KV said...

Shopping after weight loss is such a high. I can't wait to get back to my regular clothes.

And why can't you see 3D?

The Blonde Mule said...

It is, although I'd like to get past the annoyed nothing fits phase & into the 'yay, nothing fits!' phase.

I don't have any depth perception, so I usually can't see 3D (or Magic Eye), but I could actually see it in Gravity. Who knows!

KV said...

That's wild.


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