February 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Jalapeno Popper Edition

I posted this picture last week with the caption, "#scarvesbymom".  My mom is a crocheting machine.  She made me this braided scarf.  If you ask nicely, she'll probably make you one, too.  You can see her inspiration board here.

I had a hair appointment on Saturday morning, which meant I had to get up early & swim because I can't swim post-color.  Life is hard.  Y'all, I needed this appointment.  I haven't cut my hair since August & I had to go a little longer than usual between color appointments, so my ends & roots were bad.  Also, I've had a shit two weeks at work & just needed to be pretty for a minute.  Real talk.  Success!  Thanks, boo.  Hair by Jordan.

Saturday night, John & I tried Lucky Bamboo.  And you know what, it was worth it.  Sorry, haters.  Now, the service does suuuuuck.  But the food is right on.  This is the cumin spare ribs.  Holy cow, they were so good.  We didn't do the hot pot, which is apparently what you're supposed to get.  I didn't understand it.  Whatever, I'm happy with my choice.

A quick note on the service.  Everyone that works there is super nice & apologetic & they seem to know they're doing a bad job.  It's tolerable & a little bit funny.

On Sunday, I met Melanie & Jaime for a 7-mile run.  This was a hilly one.  We started at Fido, ran Church to 8th & then Demonbreun back to Fido.  It's basically all uphill.  I was dressed for a February run & it ended up being 70 yesterday, so I was over-dressed & hot the whole time.  Meh.

I've been skipping the post-run calorie fest because I swim now after my long run, but I couldn't subject the precious to chlorine, so I joined my ladies at Fido.  Note:  that chocolate milk had more calories than my bagel sandwich.  It was 240 calories per serving & the bottle was 2 servings, so 480 total.  I'm so confused by dairy!!!

Last night at the dinner table, John said, "I guess I didn't realize how much you're into jalapeno popper things".  Touche.  Poor John, at the mercy of whatever is trending on Pinterest.  This sandwich was DELICIOUS.  And also ridiculous.  But mostly delicious.  Jalapeno popper pulled chicken sandwich.  Recipe here.


Kristine Mylls said...

I'm so glad you know about the "no swimming after hair coloring" rule! I, unfortunately, have to get my hair colored every month and while I try to plan appointments around my swims, I've sometimes had to sacrifice some group swims because of my hair. And no - I NEVER get harassed about it from my coach.

The Blonde Mule said...

Kristine - this is good to know because I felt like a total diva telling my coach that I couldn't swim the day after getting highlights.


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