September 21, 2014

Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week 19

Taper week! My work-outs this week were supposed to be lower hours, but same intensity. That I did. Go easy on the calories & sleep well? Well, that one was less successful...

Here's what my training looked like:


60 minute NAC Masters swim
45 minute OWS


45 minute bike ride (10.60 miles)
Avg mph:  13.5

1:00 hour bike ride (13.19 miles)
Avg mph:  13.2
1.30 mile brick (15:04 minutes)

1:56 hour bike ride (26.38 miles)
Avg mph:  13.6
1.80 mile brick (23:37)

Bike total:  50.17 miles


3.37 mile run (42:39 minutes)
2.86 mile run (33:59 minutes)
5.48 mile run (1:06 hours)

Run total (including bricks):  14.81 miles

Total training:  10 hours (including yoga)

I'm feeling confident in my taper, which is good since I pulled it out of my ass. All of my work-outs this week felt good. It was nice cutting the hours back. I only had to ride 2 hours on Saturday. It's amazing how short a 2 hour ride feels now. I was home by 10am. I had no idea what to do with myself.

This is what I did with myself. I took the pdf of my athlete's guide to Kinko's & had them print & bind it. My plan for this week is to make a plan/schedule/spreadsheet for race weekend. I'm getting overwhelmed trying to figure out what all I have to do once I get to Augusta on Friday. Having a hard copy of this guide will help. I hope...

Next up, my last training post:  Week 20 -- Race Week! Stay tuned!


Emma said...

You got this Kim. The food you eat/what you drink this week will make a huge impact on your least it did for me on my last race. I'm so excited for you....I have 5 people staying with me for the Outkast concerts next weekend but I'm going to do my best to make it out.

The Blonde Mule said...

Thank you, Emma! I'd love to see you out there on Sunday! If you play your cards right, you may even get your wetsuit back, hahaha.


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