July 24, 2015

Thoughts On Insta-Shaming

One of my favorite people online, Sarah Von Bargen, posted this to Twitter and I read and re-read it a few times this week. The post is about Instagram - how we use it for good, for bad and how we need to click "Unfollow" more often.

Laura, the author of the post, sites her own insecurities for why she unfollows people. She's not blaming anyone for making her feel bad about being single or gaining weight, she's unfollowing you if your pictures of your boyfriend, or new skinny body make her feel bad about herself.

How simple is that? Instagram is where I go to get inspired - by art, by creativity, by beauty. If I want to get pissed off, I'll go to Facebook (which, by the way, I'm on another hiatus from. Three weeks strong, baby!)

I love Instagram. I love posting and I love following. I follow over 500 people. Y'all, I have no idea who follows or unfollows me. I'm never going to know - don't need to know; don't care.

For me, Instagram is a way to express and connect. I hope the people following me like seeing pictures of Truffle Butter in and around Nashville (I named my bike Truffle Butter) and all the crazy shit I find in thrift stores. If anything I post ever makes you feel bad about yourself, or you find yourself getting mad at me for what you perceive as a life of leisure (which I assure you, it is not), please unfollow me:  A) I am never going to know, and B) I don't want any part of making you feel bad about yourself.

Let's make a deal, I won't feel guilty for unfollowing you, and you won't feel guilty for unfollowing me. Deal? Good.

Now, without further ado, here is the post about Insta-Shaming by Laura Jane Williams.

Insta-Shaming by Superlatively Rude


Lauren said...

I literally only post pictures of work trips and my child. I hope I never make you feel bad. Mainly also because I use Instagram as a source to keep far-flung family members connected to me + my little fam. I used to feel bad all of the time scrolling through Instagram so I just unfollowed EVERYONE who made me feel icky. I only let people I know follow me and I rarely follow brands or "instagram celebs", as I like to call them. They're weird to me.

The Blonde Mule said...

Lauren - girl, please. First of all, I love your pics of SG. Also, the only thing that makes me have feelings is how I'll never attain the level of coolness your hair has. But I won't unfollow you for that. Yet.


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