February 19, 2008

1st Exam

The 1st exam in my class is tomorrow night. Aside from taking the LSAT last year, this is quite possibly the 1st test I've taken since the late 90's... I'm nervous. It doesn't help that I have no idea what to expect. I've read all the assigned readings & gone over all my notes. Hopefully I'll do okay.

Quick weekend re-count, then I've got to get back to studying.

Friday night: margs & fajitas @ Rosepepper with Carolyn, Ashlee & Erika

Saturday: Ashlee put a moisturizing treatment on my hair (apparently my $3 drugstore shampoo is drying out my hair, so much for trying to be thrifty...) & then shopping with Carolyn

Saturday night: dinner @ Chinatown, then over to the East side to watch some fight on Pay-Per-View that we didn't even stay long enough to watch

Sunday: lunch with my parents, Maltese Falcon @ Belcourt & then dinner @ Cinco with Adam & Sarah

Monday: office closed for President's Day -TiVo, study, run to Target, buy cute whale pajama pants, study, TiVo, eat Thin Mints, work out, study, eat more Thin Mints, sleep


jessica said...

excuse my negligence of knowledge, but when's Lent over? aren't thin mints chocolate???? hmmmm?

theblondemule said...

Lent ends at Easter. And yes, Thin Mints are technically chocolate. Thank you for pointing that out, haha.


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