February 26, 2008

The Italian Market

We ate dinner at The Italian Market Sat night. I've wanted to eat there for awhile, but keep forgetting about it because of where it's located. It's off Charlotte Pk, on 51st Ave N, kind of under the interstate. Anyway, here's a breakdown of my dining experience:

Pro: food was really good
Pro: dessert was also really good
Pro: can bring your own wine
Pro: don't have to wait for a table

Con: no dinner menu, you order off a specials board
Con: pricey -most entrees were around $20
Con: no server -you order at a counter & they bring your food to you, but no drink refills or anything

I would definitely go back because the food was so good, but John didn't like the no server thing. When we needed a refill we had to go back into the "market" & buy another coke, beer, etc.

While we were there I checked out the lunch menu & I definitely want to try them for lunch. They had a very enticing sandwich & pizza menu. Jessica has eaten lunch there & said the sandwiches are good & they're huge -easily 2 meals in 1. I'm so there.


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