February 24, 2008

"Hold on to your f*^@ing hat"

I'm going to make this quick because the red carpet coverage is on. Two things:

1) Last night's SNL was effing hilarious. Did everyone see the Annuale birth control commercial at the top of the show? If not, it's totally worth the next 2 minutes of your life:


2) My friend Jessica (aka the orange bicycle) made me this tres chic zipper pouch (see above). She has great taste in fabrics. Check out her Etsy store:


I have very crafty friends. My BFF Carolyn has a great Etsy store, too:


Allright, got to get back to the Oscars. John Stewart is on. Shalom, bitches.


jessica said...

thanks for the props hoochie. i'm glad you like it. i'll make you fabric goods anytime.

Emotional Mullet said...

I already grow a leathery tail ...



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