February 27, 2008

Snow Day!!!

I wish they closed "work" when they close schools. I mean every school in TN is closed today. How am I supposed to get any work done today knowing that? I should be at home watching Ellen & eating Thin Mints. Stupid Snowbird....

P.S. The Mercedes isn't mine.

Did anyone else watch Biggest Loser last night? If not, here's a quick wrap-up: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; PRIDE; crying; more crying; still more crying; seriously, who cries that much.

Allright, I've got to finish getting ready for work. Enjoy the snow. Build a snowman (or a snowwoman if you live in Vermont).


Emotional Mullet said...

What a bipolar weather day it is today. One second we have dark skies and thick, twirling, lovely, edible snowflakes; and the next second everything is bright and melty, and the sun is glaring off of the puddles in the street, and I am pissed because I am sitting at my desk.

If today was a proper, Stay.At.Home. snow day, I would sit on the couch under a blanket. I might read a trashy novel. I might nap. I would watch Ellen, I guess, but I definitely would trade the Thin Mints for an entire bag of Doritos.

jessica said...

why don't you just put the thin mints and the doritos in the blender, add vodka, and voila!....what?


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