February 22, 2008

Working for the Weekend

Last night I saw the movie Persepolis with Natalie. I had heard it was good & it was. I think Natalie & I both identified with the main character, especially when she was a little girl. The middle of the movie got a little long, but the beginning & the end were really good. I definitely recommend it, though you should go fast because I think Green Hills is about to get rid of it.

Speaking of last chance movies. The Belcourt has The Diving Bell & the Butterfly. I think it's been there all month. I've been meaning to see it, but haven't yet. I guess I need to ASAP before it disappears, too.

No big weekend plans. John & I are going to red meat fest tonight with Jason & Cheryl. John, of course, LOVES Ted's Montana Grill. I like it, I mean the burgers are good, but... it's a lot of meat & it always takes me forever to decide which of the 30 burgers I'm going to order.

The Oscars are Sunday night. Definitely going to watch those. Very curious as to how No Country for Old Men & There Will Be Blood will do. And Juno, too. I really liked that movie. Bought the soundtrack last weekend & have been enjoying it all week.

Allright, I'm off to eat a 3lb bison burger. Happy Friday night!

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