March 22, 2008

Blog & the City

I'm writing from Tiffany's computer in Brooklyn. My flight was mucho delayed on Thursday night. I didn't get to Tiffany's until almost 2am. So yesterday was kind of a wash. I was just too tired. I did hit the big H&M on 5th Ave though. We're going to Soho today, so I'll probably hit the 2 down there as well. Mission numero uno today is tennis shoes. I wore my black boots, thinking they'd be the way to go because they're flat, comfortable, etc. Wrong. My feet are killing me. I tried to find some Chuck Taylors yesterday, but no one had my size. I want the dark grey ones & all I can find are bright yellow & green. No.

We're also going to hit CB2 today. I'm pretty excited about that because I've never been in one. I've seen their catalog though. Good stuff. I may go down to Chinatown, too. I'm interested in that new Burberry perfume, The Beat. I also need a watch. I've haven't been down to Chinatown in years, hopefully it won't disappoint.

I think that's it for today: chucks, H&M part deux, CB2 & Chinatown. Tonight we're going to this karaoke bar in Red Hook called Hope & Anchor. I'm so excited! I can't wait to watch everybody sing their favorite ridiculous song. Maybe I'll sing. Maybe....

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