March 3, 2008

Weekend Recount

Running late for work. Here's a quick weekend recount:

Fri night: dinner @ Royal Thai with John, then home to watch more Sopranos

Sat: yoga, Cosmetic Market, Aveda, Target, Baja Burrito, American Idol on TiVo

Sat night: bad headache, finally decided to meet Carolyn & David @ Cinco for fajitas & margs

Sun: sister's 29th bday, lunch @ my parents', hang out w/ John & Bomb @ Lake Fever

Sun night: sushi @ new fav. restaurant, Ginza, then watched SNL & went to bed

My intern is going to be out today & tomorrow, so I'm really not looking forward to going to work & having to answer the phone for the next 48 hours. I HATE answering the phone. Ugh....

Oh, big news: I bought a ticket to NYC for Easter weekend. SO EXCITED! I'm going to spend some quality time with my BFF Tiffany & hopefully find a lot of cute spring clothes. H&M, mama's coming home!

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