July 9, 2008

Moving On Up. To the West Side.

I forget how much is involved in moving. The apartment (garage) I'm in now, I've been in for 2 years & I don't pay any utilities. I just pay 1 big lump sum to my landlords every month & they take care of everything. Because of this, I had to really sit down & think about every service I'll need to call & have set up for the new house, i.e. electricity, water, cable, internet, phone, security.... What sucks is, because it's been so long since I've had utilities in my name, I can't get around the stupid deposits to all of these places. Oh well.

So we take possession of our new house on Friday, July 25th, a mere 2 weeks from this Friday. I can't believe we're moving in 2 weeks. It's so surreal. The weekend after we move in, John's dad is flying him to Maryland so they can load up a moving truck full of goodies to drive to our new house. So far we're getting a washer/dryer, dining room table & chairs, lawn mower & weed-eater. Not bad. Thanks to John's dad, the only big purchase we'll really need to make is a couch.

I can't wait to drive down to Ikea & buy stuff for an actual house, not a shitty Brooklyn apartment or an even shittier Nashville apartment/converted garage. Oh, and West Elm and Crate & Barrel. It's going to be a shopping extravaganza!


muggins mouse said...

1) exciting! where are you moving to?
2) i'm from MD too! how funny!
3) ikea = happiness.

chester copperpot said...

I had to do the deposit thing last February when we moved into our apartment. The nice thing was that after a year they credited it back to me, so I didn't have an electric bill for two months. Maybe some of them will do that for you! Congrats on the moving. It sucks but it will be worth it. I am excited for you!

Emotional Mullet said...

I'm from MD too!

theblondemule said...

I didn't know you both were from MD! John grew up in Crofton.

Due to privacy issues, I won't say exactly where our new house is, but it's in a neighborhood over by the new West Nashville Shopping Ctr (where the new Target is).

muggins mouse said...

um, crofton? holy crap! i'm from Deale!! (pretty close to Crofton!) that's insane! Well good luck on the move! I just did it, and it sucks, but it's worth it!

carolyn said...

haha, i'm cracking up about "due to privacy issues" haha...what? you don't want stalkers?? why not?

and, that's awesome john's dad is hooking you guys up like that!! save the money for the stuff you actually WANT to purchase!! yipeee!


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