June 22, 2010

Sayonara Speed Session. It's Been Real.

I quit the Speed Session. No. 1: I can't do the work-outs. No. 2: I'm hurt. I'm not knocking Fleet Feet. I think it's great that they offer all the various training that they offer. But.... it may behoove them to launch a more honest marketing campaign when it comes to these speed sessions. The description says the class is open to beginners, as long as you can run at least two miles, which is kind of not the case. I'm not a beginner-beginner, I've been running since January, & I can run up to four miles, but I'm a beginner in comparison to the other 149 people who signed up for the class.

In the second week, we ran a total of six miles. I couldn't do it. It was more than I've ever run, not to mention, I'm not used to running in this kind of heat. The thing is, the work-outs increase every week, so if I couldn't do the six miles last week, there was a 99% chance I wouldn't be able to do the even harder/longer work-out this week. So I quit.

This makes it sound like I quit because it's hard, which is mostly true, but I also quit because I'm injured. In the first week, I thought I sprained my ankle, only to find out the second week that it's probably tendinitis. I've essentially taken two weeks off & my ankle isn't getting better. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to get referred to a sports doctor. I just want to know what's actually wrong with my ankle & how long I need to stay off of it. The last time I got hurt, I kept running & ended up in physical therapy for 3 months. I'm hoping to avoid that this time.

So yeah, I quit the Speed Session, but I'm not going to quit running. Once my ankle heals, I'm going to go back to my normal routine of running 3 miles 3 times a week, plus a long run once a week. That was working for me. I'm not going to win any races by any means, but that was never my goal. I just want to run, like Forrest.


libbysthurman said...

I don't blame you one bit, Kim! I think you're right - the advertising doesn't really seem to match the program. Six miles with more increases to go is NOT what I'd call beginner level. Plus it's way hot outside these days. Hope your ankle gets better!

A Side of Rice said...

You are wise to quit if you are having pain. I continued speed sessions despite ankle pain and ended up not being able to run for several weeks. Plus- damn, its too hot to run!

theblondemule said...

Thanks, pals. I feel like a loser for quitting, but I really do feel like it's the smart thing to do. I'm notorious for ignoring an injury until it's too late. I go the doctor today. I'll report back.


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