January 1, 2013

2012: The Year In Review

To know me is to know how much 2011 sucked.  2012 however, was my motherf*cking year.

January - I got a job!
February - I hosted my first baby shower & sent my friend into premature labor.
March - I ran my first half marathon!
April - Inaugural visit to Asheville for Heathen's wedding.
May - We went to NYC for Tiff & Chris's wedding!
June - I got the worst sunburn of my life at Bonnaroo.
July - I met Dan Auerbach, or rather, Dan Auerbach met me...
August - I did a triathlon!
September - Weekend getaway in Louisville!
October - I took a family vacation for the first time in 20 years.
November - San Francisco!
December - I ate a claw at Catbird Seat!

Other awesome &/or hilarious things that happened in 2012:

I coached my first East Nasty Potato To Tomato Couch To 5K program!
Things I'm Afraid To Tell You.
I visited my friend Christina in DC & defiled the W Hotel bathroom, which smartly there is no written account of...
Snake AIDS.
I started going to a little class twice a week that I affectionately refer to as Hell Class & it's basically changed my life.
I bought a purse & it spent 2 weeks at Birthright before making it to Tennessee.
We had our annual Halloween party & the pictures are AWESOME!
I finally went & saw a dietitian.
I bought my second pair of Warby Parker glasses & first pair of Warby Parker sunglasses!
I ran 6.5 miles for Newtown, CT in the 26.4.26 run.

I have a great life & I thank you all for being in it.  Full NYE photostream here.

Happy New Year!

{Song credit:  "Motherland" by Diamond Rugs.  Mastered by John Baldwin Mastering}

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